Morning session begins from 6 am

This Indoor cricket facility has been built up in an elevated location on a panoramic view, surrounded by historic Golconda Fort in the background, across river Moosi, first of its kind in & around Deccan Plateau.

This is the first Indoor cricket facility in India, plan, design & built exclusively for cricket by highly  experienced International engineers with players background themselves, hence high standards of construction have been maintained , the items of fabrication/finishes works have been done by top level teams with specific material manufactured on order & delivered either from various cities of India or abroad.

Special designer features :

  • The building units (blocks) have been casted on site itself to control the quality, curing & standards.
  • Sufficient height has been maintained according to International indoor stadium standards.
  • Extra care has taken to avoid heat penetration. Special powder coated & doubly aluminum coated sheets have been used on roof & top sides through environment friendly colour.
  • Surrounding Ventilation provision has been kept for all time air passage.
  • Zero undulation has maintained on all indoor levels for smooth field.
  • World class turf material from New Zealand  has been imported & installed by team of expertees.
  • Granite tiles carved mini pavilion has made, to enjoy the game for families & VIPS.
  • High class boarding facilities have made for touring players to accommodate from various cities of India & Abroad.

We never know which player has talent to catch national, international, Team India , Ranji trophy, IPL, SPL, IJK Counties, Aussies  League, African Leagues!!!

Catch the opportunity before it will be too late. 

Cricket Academy/Indoor Stadium :

BK Cricket Academy is the day to day management and operations of all cricket activities. Leading the coaching function through specilized coaches in various departments, such as batting,bowling,fielding & practice, friendly periodic matches. We present comprehensive and structured cricket development programs.

We offer exclusive Cricket Pathway, an integrated cricket development program with a well-defined and individual progressive schedule. To rectify all flaws, nonsense of games for any player, rectify the technique, to keep him on basics track. One will have the opportunity to travel the cricket development journey attending sequential coaching programs, developing their cricket potential equivalent supporting their academic growth & skills. Besides quality cricket coaching, emphasis is placed on tournament preparation.